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Client Access FAQs
The answers to some of your questions
When and for how long will I have access to my images?
Once your session is paid for and after I completed editing and culling your images as agreed upon, I will send you a password to log in and you will be able to download the images straight away. I will attempt to have them available for you and family/friends if you wish to share your password for approximately three months. It may be longer but I will try to make that a default standard.
Do you guarantee the images to be available for the set amount of time once I get my password?
This is a hosted service and therefore I can not guarantee anything. I will have your images stored locally with me for a longer period so if there is any troubles with this website, I will make one-on-one arrangements with you to get your photographs.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
I do NOT offer money back. I am simply charging a nominal fee for my experience, my time and my equipment usage. I hope you will make every attempt at looking at my various photos on this site to gauge my level of experience and my style of shooting. I hope you will be well pleased. I keep things pretty simple and I will give you my best. That said if there is something I have done on my end to mess up out time together, I will try to make it work out with you. I am willing to work with you if you are willing to work with me. Fair enough?

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